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Held is a five song modern worship EP, Angela's fifth solo release to date.

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Held by Angela Hutchison


"So we do not lose heart... For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison." (2 Corinthians 4:16-17, ESV)

On her third release "Unconquered," Angela Hutchison continues to meld modern acoustic styling and singable coffee-house folk. Hers lyrics catch you from the first hook: singable, genuine and down-to-earth, with an uncommon depth.

While "Unconquered" has an intentionally larger feel than former productions- drums, layered percussion and orchestral strings feeling quite at home alongside piano, organ and guitar- fans of previous albums will be pleased that Angela's innocent folk feel remains intact amidst the new sound scape of texture and instrumentation. Chris Hutchison, Angela's brother, once again creates the instrumental backbone of this project, with her sister Amy continuing to lend her crystalline voice to background vocals.

"Unconquered" bursts with life and diversity, from the opening title track based on 2 Corinthians 4, to the epic "Song of Remembrance" that sweeps through thousands of years of redemptive history, to the protest-against-the-protest song "Hey Hillary (Song for my Dental Hygenist)." It breathes the ache of commitment in folk ballad "Ebenezer" and examines the predicament of self-deceit in the rollicking, banjo-flavoured "Thomas O'Crann." Resonator guitars drive the foot-stomping blues vibe of Rich Mullins' "Quoting Deuteronomy," the album's sole cover tune.

Unconquered pulses with the vibrancy of the truth found in God's word and the glorious hope of life in Christ.

Unconquered by Angela Hutchison


"Lightnings flash and thunders crash. Yet though sin and hell assail me, Jesus will not fail me."

We have always had a core of favorite songs we've sung wherever we go, and after years of being asked, "Have you recorded that one?" we decided to take the hint and put a selection of these time-tested anthems to disc.

Some new additions to our repertoire round off this 16-song collection, which breaks new musical ground even as it stays true to our acoustic and acapella roots.

"Songs" has a particular focus on heaven, and how the hope of eternity sustains us through earthly suffering. The direction wasn't just accidental- after a 5 year struggle with cancer, we all knew this would be Mom's last project with us. And so it was that on Feb. 11, 2009, less than two months after the release of Songs, Adriana Hutchison went home to be with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, adding great significance to this project.

"Thy saints in all this glorious war shall conquer though they die; They see the triumph from afar by faith's discerning eye."


An acoustic and acapella journey into the past and around the globe in celebration of the breathtaking miracle we call "Christmas."

After a year of surprises and several months of hard work, The Hutchison's CD "Christmas" was released in November of 2006.

As "Christmas" was recorded, the Hutchisons sought to preserve the simple, minstrel-like sound and arrangements that they have been singing live for the past 10 years. Songs old and new from around the western world, sometimes sung in their original languages, are presented with voice, guitar, and a sprinkling of other instruments. The songs that comprise "Christmas" are deliberately focused in one direction: the Child in the manger, who is the Lord of Creation.

Hope for Sure

"Hope for Sure" is the second project from Canadian singer-songwriter Angela Hutchison. Building upon the sound and feel of her debut "Grace Child," "Hope For Sure" charts new musical territory with lyrics that will challenge and encourage.

While still acoustic guitar-based and rootsy, this CD moves up a musical notch with its varying instrumentation and arrangements. From the triumphant strains of the title track to the quiet piano of the closing song, "Hope for Sure" covers a lot of musical ground- at times sounding like everyone from Bruce Cockburn to Burlap to Cashmere, Caedmon's Call to Stan Rogers. With a sound all her own, Angela's music will appeal to people of all musical tastes.

Songs touch on issues from our human struggles and pain to our Saviour's incredible greatness. In the midst of a hopeless world, Angela reminds us that we do have hope- a hope that is for sure.

Hope for Sure by Angela Hutchison

Grace Child

Grace Child is Angela's debut CD. Containing a refreshing blend of contemporary coffeehouse folk, "Grace Child" is honest and unhurried, pensive and peaceful, truthful and triumphant. A recurring theme is surrender- from the initial surrender of lives to Christ ("Going Down"), to the ongoing struggle to lay down our wills ("Surrender") and our perceived need to have all His ways explained to us ("Morning Glories").

The title track bursts with the joy that comes from knowing you are a child of the King, while "Cross of Calvary" anthemically ponders the implications of Christ's sacrifice for us. The album draws to a close with "Seek First," which sums up Angela's desire to focus our eyes on what's really important.

So pour a coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy.